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Press release

Color Bleed is a Brazilian band from the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Formed in 2010, it grew out of a project to create what became their first album. With influences that range from the high-tech experiments of progressive rock to the do-it-yourself attitude of indie, a collective of seven musicians were involved in the recording of the self-titled debut; four of them eventually became the core of the band that arose from the project: Hisham, vocals/keyboards/guitars; Chico Pereira, guitars/vocals; Gustavo Moreira, drums/vocals; Luciano Skizo, bass guitar. The members were all involved together previously in various projects, that spanned from classic rock, to progressive and even hard rock. Color Bleed is the culmination of all those shades, with the clear intention of writing music that is solid and yet approachable, rich and yet simple.